Representing the Heart of America, Solo & C-Webb are dead set on making a name not only for themselves but for Atchison, Kansas. Everything they do has been to make their hometown proud. Authentic rappers with a smooth yet energetic demeanor, Solo & C-Webb have been making music together for almost 365 days. In that time they’ve put work in on their debut album and have started their own label; Y.N.F.A Records, LLC (Your Next Favorite Artist). Independent but fierce, they rep themselves as well as Hustle Boy, Roger, and KG. With their eyes set on being the Midwest’s own No Limit, there is no telling what Solo & C-Webb will and can do with not only their entrepreneurship but their artistry.

In fact, No Limit has been influential in how they run their business. On their flipside, Outkast energized them creatively. They noted, “Lyrically, the creativity of their songs, the different concept they used to make songs, and the way they represented Atlanta and the south.” With that, Solo & C-Webb approach all of their music as a duo with originality and vigor. Inspired by the south and the Midwest with some Detroit flavor tossed into the mix, Solo & C-Webb have dropped several singles since pairing up; “Steal My Shine,” “Stallion” featuring Hustle Boy, “Flexin” featuring KG and Que, and “Cut the Checc” featuring Hustle Boy.

When it comes to what Solo & C-Webb bring to the table lyrically, they cover all the bases. From stuntin in “Flexin” to turning one’s life around and not letting anyone get in their way in “Steal My Shine.” They also have more out of the box tracks like ”Stallion.” While many in hip-hop have shown their love for the women in the stripping game, Solo & C-Webb have gone above and beyond with this track. Not only is it about their admiration but the positive aspects of the career.

With two heads on straight Solo & C-Webb are on the right track to being not only a label to be reckoned with in the Midwest but a powerhouse duo within the hip-hop community with their spirited and well-tuned sound.